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The Joint Board has established an Advisory Group and is required to take advice from this group. The Advisory Group is not a Committee of the Joint Board; it is independent and is comprised of membership from various organisations, such as the Council for the Registration of Forensic Practitioners, the Nutrition Society, and the British Dietetic Association. Its membership is open to all related organisations in the field of multidisciplinary public health. It meets on average twice a year.

Its main functions are:

To ensure that working links are maintained between the Voluntary Register and relevant professional organisations and groups

To ensure that a wide range of views on the development of the public health workforce are represented to the Joint Board and that the Board remains up-to-date on thinking and practice in public health

To ensure that the regulation of Public Health Specialists is undertaken within a mature understanding of the overall professional development of the public health workforce, in all sectors and professions

To provide advice to the Board on the development of policy frameworks for standards of competence, assessment and revalidation in specialist public health practice

To provide advice to the Board on communications and dissemination of information

Latest News

UK Public Health Register

As of 1 February 2008 the UK Voluntary Register for Public Health Specialists will be know as the UK Public Health Register.


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