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Members of the Joint Board: Short Biographies

The Joint Board is accountable for the work of the Voluntary Register. A Joint Board has been established by the Tripartite Group through a process of nomination. Its membership consists of:

• An independent chair

• Two nominees from each of the Multidisciplinary Public Health Forum, the Royal Institute of Public Health and the Faculty of Public Health

• One representative from each of the following five regulatory bodies: Chartered Institute for Environmental Health, General Dental Council, Nursing and Midwifery Council, Royal Pharmaceutical Society, General Medical Council

• Observers from the four UK Health Departments

• A co-opted member to represent specialist trainees, a co-opted member to represent heath protection and a cop-opted member to represent health promotion

• As Directors of the Public Health Register Company, the Chief Executive of the Faculty of Public Health and a nominated officer from the Royal Institute of Public Health are ex officio members

• Two lay members

Membership of the Joint Board will be kept under review and may be expanded to include additional lay members and co-opted members.

The following paragraphs give summary profiles of each of the current Board Members.

Naresh Chada

Observer, Northern Ireland Health Department

Dr Naresh Chada was appointed to the post of Senior Medical Officer with the Department of Health and Social Services and Public Safety in Northern Ireland in Autumn 2001. He has responsibility for advising on a wide range of issues which include public health development, health promotion, nutrition and tobacco policy. Prior to this, he was Consultant Public Health Physician to Southern Derbyshire Health Authority where he was responsible for a variety of areas including, cardiovascular disease and diabetes.


Jeremy Hawker

Co-opted to represent health protection

 Dr Jeremy Hawker is Deputy Director of the Local and Regional Services Division of the health Protection Agency. He originally trained in Public Health Medicine then working as a Consultant, and as a Consultant in Communicable Disease control in Birmingham and then Regional Epidemiologist in the West Midlands. His interests are training, effective practice and health inequalities. He is Honorary Senior Lecturer at the University of Birmingham, and author of The Communicable Disease Handbook.


Phil Mackie

Nominated by the Royal Institute of Public Health

 Phil is a Senior Specialist in Public Health working on Child Health and Community Care issues in Scotland. He is a member of the Royal Institute of Public Health and an active member of the Tripartite Group.


Jim McEwen, Chair of the Board

Jim is Emeritus Professor of Public Health and honorary senior research fellow, University of Glasgow. He is past president of the Faculty of Public Health and has held academic and service posts in public health with interests in education, health services research and public health policy.


David Pattison

Observer, Scottish Health Department

David has recently taken up the seconded post of Health Improvement Policy Advisor, Health Improvement Strategy Division at the Scottish Executive Health Department. He is on a 3-year secondment from Forth Valley NHS Board where he was the Health Promotion Manager since 1997. His background is in HIV and AIDS health promotion and the Red Cross. He has an MSc in Applied Social Research.


Mala Rao

Observer, Department of Health, England

Mala Rao is an experienced consultant in Public Health and has served as a Director of Public Health for more than a decade. She has also made significant contributions to Public Health multidisciplinary training and development, and to research, and has previously served as Faculty Adviser to North East Thames. She is Visiting Professor at Anglia Polytechnic University and a member of the Editorial Board of the journal Work Based Learning in Primary Care. Mala was a member of the Committee of Inquiry into Exposure to Radiation in MRC sponsored research in the 1950s and 1960s, and of the Wellcome Trust’s Public Health Sciences Working Group which published the report Public Health Sciences: Challenges and Opportunities in 2004. She is currently Acting Head of Public Health Development at the Department of Health. (England).


Hilde Rapp

Lay member

Hilde is an experienced psychotherapist, supervisor and consultant who has campaigned for public health aware, competence and evidence based practice in mental health for as long as she can remember. She was actively involved in the implementation of the National Service Framework for Mental Health with a strong focus on health promotion and community participation. She has been working in the field of competence based qualifications development, continuing professional development, regulation, course accreditation, training standards development, good communication and voluntary registration for over ten years. She continues to be involved in a broad range of activities aimed at improving health, wellbeing and good governance.


Paul Robinson

Nominated by the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health

 Paul is Director of Education and Professional Standards at the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health. He is an Environmental Health Officer and was a member of the steering group that advised on the development of the portfolio route to registration on the Voluntary Register.


Graham Rushbrook

Co-opted to represent health promotion

Graham came to health promotion and public health in 1997, having previously worked as a social worker, as an HIV and primary care trainer before becoming operations manager and sexual health lead for a South London Heath Authority. In 2001 Graham became Director of Health First, the specialist health promotion service and has worked closely with the DoH as an adviser on many projects including one for the health promotion competencies, and is the Southeast London public health network lead for Health promotion.

Paul Scourfield

Ex officio member (Director, Public Health Register Company)

Paul came to public health from a generic NHS background in senior management, and worked as a public health specialist in both North West Anglia and Coventry Health Authorities. For the last 6 years, he has been operating in the role of Chief Executive of the Faculty of Public Health, and has been an active member of the Tripartite Steering Group.


Fiona Sim

Ex officio member (Director, Public Health Register Company)

Fiona is a very experienced public health specialist, a former Director of Public Health, Trust Medical Director and Training Programme Director. Until February 2004, she was head of public health development at the Department of Health (England) and responsible in that role for ensuring the establishment of the Voluntary Register in 2003. She is a longstanding member of Council of RIPH and joint editor of the Royal Institute's journal Public Health.


Lillian Somervaille, Vice-Chair of the Joint Board

Nominated by the Multidisciplinary Public Health Forum

 Lillian came into public health from a research background, having moved from the life sciences into the physical sciences and back again. Lillian is chair of the Multidisciplinary Public Health Forum, an active member of the Tripartite Group and a Director of the Public Health Register Company. She is also Programme Director for the West Midlands arm of the Public Health Leadership programme, a Fellow of the Faculty of Public Health and Director of Training for their Education Committee.


Chris Tudor-Smith

Observer, Welsh Assembly Government

Chris is Head of Health Promotion Division in the Office of the Chief Medical Officer, Welsh Assembly Government. His role is to provide leadership in and professional advice on the development and delivery of evidenced based health promotion strategy, policy and action. He also leads on the development of health targets and indicators of health inequalities and determinants and is the Assembly's Professional Head of Research. Chris was previously Director of Research and Development with Health Promotion Wales.


Lynn Crooks, Chair of Registration Panel

Nominated by the Multidisciplinary Public Health Forum


Lynn started her career in the NHS as a nurse and health visitor and entered public health via health education/health promotion. She has more than 15 years senior experience working in public health and managed a number of health promotion departments in the East Midlands. Lynn was the first public health specialist appointed to provide public health advice to regional government. Her final role was Regional Associate Director for the Health Development Agency in the east Midlands before taking early retirement in April 2005. Lynn was awarded fellowship of the FPH in 2004 and undertook a number of faculty roles including specialist assessor and visitor, and CPD co-ordinator.


Latest News

UK Public Health Register

As of 1 February 2008 the UK Voluntary Register for Public Health Specialists will be know as the UK Public Health Register.


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