Consultative Forum

The UK Public Health Register has established a new Consultative Forum. This supersedes our previous arrangement of an advisory group. We want to make our consultation with as a wide a range of stakeholders as possible as meaningful as possible.


We invited a wide range of organisations representative of public health service providers and users to send nominees to the first meeting of this new Consultative Forum, which took place on Tuesday 5th November 2013 in Edinburgh.


It is our intention that our consultation arrangements will be truly UK-wide and will be genuinely two-way. We plan that formal sessions of the Forum will take place twice a year at different locations around the UK. Between these formal meetings we want to devise a system that gives us and our stakeholders opportunity to engage in continuous dialogue, mostly electronically – a "virtual forum".


We believe that it is for each stakeholder organisation to decide on its own arrangements for sending representation to Forum meetings. It is fine by us for different people to attend subsequent meetings (for example, for organisations with a presence in more than one part of the UK it may well make sense to rely on the office nearest to where the meeting is being held to provide the organisation’s representation).


The Forum is maintained by UKPHR, which will also provide a secretariat for the administration of the Forum’s business. UKPHR will consult the Forum on specific aspects of its policies and practices as determined by UKPHR and the Forum may give UKPHR advice in response to such consultations. UKPHR will consult the Forum on any other aspects of UKPHR’s work as it shall from time to time think fit and the Forum may give UKPHR advice in response to such consultations.


The Forum, and individual members of the Forum, may also give advice to UKPHR on aspects of UKPHR’s policies and practices as they think fit whether or not UKPHR directly consults with them. UKPHR commits to consider all views expressed by members of the Forum and to ensure that its Board of Directors gives consideration to all advice which the Forum formally tenders to UKPHR.


It is our wish that the Forum will:

Hold UKPHR to account, and provide advice to UKPHR, on matters affecting UKPHR’s policies and practicesShare with UKPHR knowledge about policies and practices affecting and/or involving the UK’s public health workforce.

Debate matters of policy and practice relating to public health, with particular reference to (but not limited to) public health policy and practice across the UK

Maintain links between UKPHR and relevant public health organisations and groups

Ensure that a wide range of views on the development of the UK public health workforce are represented to UKPHR’s Board of Directors and that the Board remains up-to-date on thinking and practice in public health

Assist UKPHR in ensuring that its regulation of individual members of the UK’s multi-disciplinary public health workforce is undertaken with a mature understanding of the overall professional development of the public health workforce in all sectors and professions

Provide advice to UKPHR on the development of policy frameworks for standards of competence, assessment and revalidation in relation to public health practice in the UK

Provide advice and assistance to UKPHR in respect of the communication and dissemination of relevant public health information