The UKPHR Board, taking advice from its appropriate committees/panels, is accountable for the registration of public health professionals, regulating and monitoring their education and training leading to eligibility for registration. Through its Fitness to Practise panel it will deal with individual cases where appropriate standards of conduct are not met.


Future meetings of the Board will be:


22 April 2014


15 July 2014


25 September 2014 (AGM)


UKPHR Board Members


Bryan Stoten (Chair)


Linda Jones (Vice Chair)


Claire Barley


Andrew Corbett-Nolan


Claire Cotter (Practitioner Registrant)


Amanda Fletcher (Specialist Registrar)


Selena Gray


Fiona Harris (Specialist Registrant)


Jeremy Hawker


Amy Nicholas (Lay)


Richard Parish (Lay)


Patrick Saunders