Registration Panel

The assessment of applicants’ portfolios is a key part of the regulatory process. The Registration Panel is accountable to the Registration Approval Committee and is composed of assessors. The Chair of the Panel will not be a member of any assessment team.


The Registration Panel meets regularly to review the recommendations of assessors and then makes recommendations to the Registration Approval Committee for final decision on admission to the Register.  The Registration Panel receives advice from its moderators whose aim is to help ensure consistent and robust judgements during the assessment process. Progress reports from the moderators are presented regularly to the Registration Approval Committee.



Assessment for Public Health Specialists

Assessors for the public health specialists routes are appointed from a variety of backgrounds: medical, non-medical and independent. All assessors require appropriate experience in assessment and must have worked in their field at a senior level in a service, managerial or academic areas. Some assessors are members or fellows of the Faculty of Public Health and have experience of examining candidates for the Faculty of Public Health part B exam.


Assessment for Public Health Practitioners

With practitioner registration the assessment process is devolved to within the practitioners’ region. After completion of assessment the application is referred to a regional verification panel that will then make recommendations on eligibility for practitioner registration direct to the UKPHR Registration Panel. In this case the UKPHR Registration Panel’s role will be ensuring that standards are consistent across the devolved schemes and across the UK as a whole.  Within its remit the UKPHR Registration Panel has the right to quality assure any part of the process.


Appeals Procedure

 Lodging an Appeal


1. Any unsuccessful candidate may appeal against the outcome of the assessment of their submitted portfolio or the decision of the Registration Panel or the Registration Approval Committee.


2. An appeal must be submitted in writing by the appellant to the Register Manager of the UK Public Health Register and must be received within 28 days of the date that the result of their submission was posted.  A full statement of the grounds on which the appeal is based must be included.  The appeal must be accompanied by the appropriate fee which will be returned if the appeal is upheld.


Grounds for Appeal


3. An applicant may only appeal in respect of the assessment of their submitted portfolio on one or both of the following grounds:


4. That a material error or defect occurred in the administrative procedures followed by the Registration Approval Committee and/or  assessors of the Registration Panel  which affected the outcome of the assessment, or any part of it.


5. That an assessor or an assessment team did not perform their duty in accordance with the requirements and other advice issued by the Registration Approval Committee to such an extent that it may have materially affected the outcome of the assessment or any part of it.


Consideration of an Appeal


6. On receipt of an appeal, the Chairman of the UK Public Health Register Board or the Registrar (or in his absence the Vice Chair) will determine, on the details provided, whether there are sufficient grounds for the appeal to proceed.  The appellant will be notified of this decision within 28 days of the receipt of the appeal, or else a notice extending that period will be sent to the appellant giving a date by which the decision will be made which will not be more than a further 28 days.


7. Where the decision is that there are insufficient grounds to progress the appeal, the appellant can either provide further information and request that the decision be reviewed in the light of the further information provided or else appeal against that decision.  The candidate must provide the further information or lodge this further appeal within 28 days of the date of the letter giving the  decision. Where the appellant appeals against the decision, the details will be considered by the Registration Approval Committee at its next available meeting whose decision will be final.


8. Where it is determined that there are sufficient grounds to allow an appeal in respect of a portfolio submission, arrangements will be made for the portfolio to be re-assessed.  The result of such a re-assessment will be considered by the Registration Approval Committee whose decision on the outcome of the submission will be final.




 Moderation is integral to the quality assurance of assessment. Moderators are accountable to the UKPHR Registrar; their views must be considered by the Registration Panel and Local Scheme Coordinator/Verification Panel (for practitioner assessments). They help ensure that assessment is robust, consistent and fair, assist with the interpretation of standards; provide support for assessors (advice on request at any time and input at assessor development sessions); and produce written guidance. Moderators sample assessments and provide feedback to assessors, either on randomly selected portfolios concurrently with assessment; or retrospectively at the request of the Registration Panel/Verification Panel prior to completion of assessment.


 Current UKPHR assessors:


Susan Lloyd, Chair of the Registration Panel


Joanna Chapman Andrews Vice Chair of the Registration Panel


Vicki Taylor Vice Chair of the Registration Panel


Cerilan Rogers, Moderator


Krishna Ramkhelawon, Moderator


Sylvia Beacham


Andy Beckingham


Julie Bishop


Steve Brown


Frances Cheng


Chris Day


Kathy Elliot


Rachel Flowers


Elaine Garman


Jennifer Hall


Frances Haste


Anne Hinchliffe


Vicky Hobart


Frances Howie


Jackie Landman


Hermione Lovel


Helen Lowey


Katrina McCormick


Amy Nicholas


Asa'ah Nkohkwo


Anna Raleigh


Jane Royle


Angela Snowling


Chris Watts


Rachel Wells


Jan Yates


Albert Yeung