Increase Aesthetic Appeal By Permanent Makeup

Permanent makeup is one of the leading aesthetic treatments for both men and women. It uses the most advanced techniques to create long lasting definition and colour. Pigment is implanted into the skin where the desired treatment is and will create makeup that could last for 2 years. Contact us.

Not only does this mean more time in the morning because you don’t have to worry about perfecting your eyeliner, eyebrows or lip liner, but it means stylists can create a more defined, youthful looking face.

As well as facial tattooing, it can be altered to help bring your confidence back by camouflaging scars, micro hair simulation and areola restoration.

Expert 3D eyebrow tattoo

As some permanent eyebrow techniques only add colour, the 3D technique mimics the hair that is already there to create defined, well shaped and bold brows. The hair stroke technique helps to lift your brows and enhance the rest of your facial features.

This treatment is suitable for those who have thinning, nonexistent or fair eyebrows. A team of stylists will tailor the treatment to suit your facial features so perfect results are achieved every time. Read more.

Everything you need to know about the statement treatment

Eyebrow tattooing can change your aesthetic appeal almost instantly. By using the correct techniques to create the correct brow style, shape and colour, the results can enhance your face and all at an affordable price. Find out more.

All eyebrow treatments will transform your face, style and features and you will look more beautiful than ever before. For those who prefer the more natural looking brow, they will most likely opt for hair stroke brows. Click here.

This procedure mimics the hairs that are already existent and aims to enhance those to produce thicker and bolder brows. This procedure is also suitable for those who don’t currently have any eyebrow hair as it can create the effect that there are some.

Ombre brows are an ideal choice for those who wish to have their eyebrows as one of the main features on their face. This style is much more made up and bold, but with a shadowed effect at the front to ensure they don’t look unnatural. Call Natural Enhancement today on 0208 995 2200.