How you can keep a clean and healthy smile forever!

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To keep teeth glistening and healthy, managing clean teeth are pivotal to how we look and feel about ourselves and how others see us. 

We’ve gathered a few quick tips on taking care of your teeth and gums to keep your joyful smile.

Ensure you’re enrolled at your local dentist:

Dental experts are specialists who focus on the cleanliness and whiteness of your dentures, teeth and gums.

Of course, we always aspire to have white and stronger teeth; going to your dentist will help you maintain the cleanliness of your mouth and have that stunning smile.

But not all are blessed with white and strong teeth - hence why people would require dentures to replace failing and missing teeth which is the reason to hire the service of a good and reputable dentist.

Here are a few dentists in the UK worth mentioning:

Find a local NHS dentist here.

Are you concerned about your dentures?

Feel as if you can’t show off your smile? – Dental implants can help bring back those that smile of yours!

Dentures are removable artificial replacements (prostheses) for missing teeth and restore natural functions like chewing and speaking. Plus they appear just like your natural teeth!

The All on 4 technique represents the future of implant surgery with which it’s possible to replace all the missing teeth with just 4 implants in one day.

Benefits of All on 4 implant treatment:

  • Specific patented implant in the All on 4 treatments is applicable in situations with minimal bone volume.
  • The cost of this treatment is much lower than conventional implant surgery for edentulous jaws.
  • Less invasive than traditional dental implants
  • Patients can be fully sedated for the procedure at extra cost.
  • An unmovable prosthesis can be placed in the same visit.

If this ticks your boxes, we recommend Aqua Dental Clinic, one of London’s front runners for the All on 4 treatment - they provide ‘same day teeth’ with highly-recognised implant dentists.

Previous winners in the Aesthetic Dentistry Award.

Brushing your teeth:

It may seem obvious, but brushing twice is one of the best solutions for keeping your teeth and gums healthy.

Brushing once in the morning and once at night can prevent the accumulation of plaque, enamel and tooth loss.

We recommend using fluoride toothpaste as an essential during the brushing procedure to ensure you get the best results—more info.

Cut down on sugary foods and drink.

Sugar plays a significant role in our oral health – common culprits include sweets and desserts, leading to cavities.

A study shows that lowering your sugar intake below 10% could further reduce the risk of cavities.

Remembering to drink plenty of water can be beneficial by washing food particles and bacterial growth when trying to prevent cavities from building.

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