Smile Makeovers Set to Take 2023

Get the perfect smile with a smile makeover

Cosmetic dentistry is sometimes seen as a way of transforming not only a person’s smile but often their confidence and self-esteem as well.

You will find many people do not have the confidence to smile because of their teeth, and this can have a real effect on their lives. Wrongly they can be seen as miserable people as they do not return smiles or cover their mouths when they laugh or intend to smile.

It can have a dramatic effect on a person’s well-being to suddenly be able to smile and laugh without inhibition. Women mainly seek cosmetic dentistry as a solution whereas men tend to lack confidence. Find out more.

What does a smile makeover include?

In the past having a lovely smile was for those in the film industry or the very rich. Now you too can have the confidence to smile without worrying if your teeth are out of alignment or stained. The industry saw a market and responded to it, it is now affordable with reputable practices offering payment plans to suit your requirements. Find out about the Hollywood smile.

If you choose to improve the aesthetics of your teeth you will need to have a consultation with your chosen dentist as to the best way to achieve your aim.

You now can choose between veneers, crowns, implants, braces or boutique whitening. See more here.

Qualifications you should expect from your dentist

Do be aware that many dentists may claim to be proficient in cosmetic dentistry however it does require extra training.

A cosmetic dentist is interested in the appearance of the teeth not purely their functionality.  It is often the case that your normal dentist may well not be able to perform cosmetic dentistry as they do not have the experience, training or equipment.

Take your time choosing your cosmetic dentist

You need to make sure you are not being hurried into a decision so don’t make a commitment on the day of your consultation. Any reputable practice will not expect you to make a snap decision.

If your dentist suggests “a job lot” to save money this may not be the best option for you, be wary and ask around.

Personal recommendation is always a good guide – if you have a friend who has had cosmetic dentistry ask who performed the procedure and if they were happy with their treatment, and aftercare.

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