Friday 31 December 2010

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Advisory Group

The Board established an Advisory Group and is required to take advice from this group. The Advisory Group is not a Committee of the Board; it is independent and represents a diverse mix from the NHS, local government, voluntary sector, higher education and professional groups with interest in public health:

SW Public Health Observatory, Smoking cessation, CIEH, Sexual Health, Health Protection, Royal College of Midwives, Oral Health, Nutrition, RC Pathologists, Public Health Wales, Royal College of Nursing, CIEH N Ireland, British Dietetic Association, LGA (Local Government Association), Health Protection Scotland, Pharmacy, Academia, REHIS Environmental Health Scotland, General Social Care Council, Welsh Confederation, Institute of Public Health Ireland, Voluntary Sector England Public Health, Voluntary Sector Scotland, Solutions for Public Health

Its main functions are:

• To ensure that working links are maintained between the UKPHR and relevant professional organisations and groups

• To ensure that a wide range of views on the development of the public health workforce are represented to the Board and that the Board remains up-to-date on thinking and practice in public health

• To ensure that the regulation of Public Health Specialists is undertaken within a mature understanding of the overall professional development of the public health workforce, in all sectors and professions

• To provide advice to the Board on the development of policy frameworks for standards of competence, assessment and revalidation in specialist public health practice

• To provide advice to the Board on communications and dissemination of information


The group has in the past proved invaluable on advising on the defined specialist route to registration and other matters involving governance, implications of the Donaldson and Foster reviews on regulation, for example. It has recently been consulted on the Department of Health Regulatory Review. If you feel that your organisation should have representation on this group or as an individual you have an interest in this area, then please email

The group meets on average twice a year and any member of the group can propose items for the agenda.