Tuesday 27 July 2010

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The UKPHR has been reviewing its fees for the assessment of portfolios. Any portfolio received after 1 April 2010 (including Defined submissions/resubmissions and Generalist resubmissions, but excluding Recognition of Specialist Status) will be subject to the new assessment fee of £250. This is to cover the increasing costs of assessments.   

Assessment Fee

For applicants coming through the Assessment for Defined Specialists (Retrospective Portfolio Assessment): £250

For Generalist resubmissions: £250

For applicants coming through the Recognition of Specialist Status: Exceptional Route (Retrospective Portfolio Assessment): £300

Registration fee: £250, followed by an annual retention fee of £250

For details on the UKPHR policy regarding lapsed registration, voluntary erasure and suspension or involuntary erasure of registration please click here for the relevant Board statement.