These are the current fees charged by the UKPHR:



Assessment fee for applicants coming through the Assessment for Defined Specialists (Retrospective Portfolio Assessment): £300


Assessment fee for applicants coming through the Recognition of Specialist Status: Exceptional Route (Retrospective Portfolio Assessment): £350


Initial registration fee for specialists in addition to an annual retention fee of £295


Readmission Fee:

For registrants who have allowed their registration to lapse, a readmission fee is due on their return to registration. There will be no grace period, ie the readmission fee will be payable by anyone whose registration has lapsed, on receipt of their request for readmission to the register. The readmission fee of £130 for specialists and £40 for practitioners is in addition to the annual retention fee for the current year and for any intervening years in which the lapsed registrant should have remained registered.


For full details on the UKPHR policy regarding lapsed registration, voluntary erasure and suspension or involuntary erasure of registration please contact the register office for the relevant Board statement.



Initial registration: £95 + £25 administration fee

Annual retention fee: £95