Fireworks Safety Information

How to keep people safe at your fireworks celebrations at home

Fireworks add that extra special something to any party and it’s becoming more and more popular for people to have their own displays at home.

It is important to be aware of the potential hazards of fireworks – they are great fun for everybody but do require proper supervision and care.

NHS statistics show that 4,506 people visited A&E from 2014-2015 for treatment of a firework-related injury. This is a huge 111% increase from the injuries reported in 2009-10, and the majority of these were injuries at private firework displays.

This emphasises the importance of being hyper-vigilant with firework safety to ensure you and your family and friends can enjoy your fireworks injury free.

Three Top Tips for Firework Safety At Home:

  1. Use fireworks from a licensed seller
  2. Store them in a safe location
  3. Keep spectators at a safe distance - minimum 5 metres

Read more about firework safety here.

Sparklers - keep your kids safe!

A sparkler can be very safe if used and disposed of carefully. Even though they may look much less dangerous than a regular firework, they can burn to an incredibly high heat - 1000 degrees or more - and remain hot for a long time after they have extinguished.

Here are our Three Top Tips for Sparkler Safety:

  1. Always wear gloves
  2. Supervise children
  3. Dispose of spent sparklers in water/sand


Read here about safety recommendations from the Fire Service and enjoy your fireworks party!