Friday 12 November 2010

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Public Health Regulation Review

Sat, 03/13/2010 - 17:54

As you may be aware over the course of the past several months the four UK Departments of Health have indicated their desire to carry out a review of the regulatory frameworks applied to public health professionals. This has been led by the Department of Health England, as professional regulation is not a devolved matter.

The review will focus mainly on the specialist workforce, exploring various regulatory options and considering whether medical and non medical public health specialists should be registered under a single system. To download the full terms of reference for the review click here.

The Department of Health welcomes comments on the proposal below:

“All non-medically qualified public health ‘specialists’ currently on the UK Voluntary Register for Public Health Specialists should instead be placed on a Statutory Register. The wider Public Health workforce (i.e. those not eligible for inclusion on a Public Health Specialist register) should be subject to a self-regulation register.”

More information regarding the review can be found on the Department of Health Website

Responses are requested by the 9th April 2010, to be sent to the Review email


The UKPHR remains committed to rigorous professional regulation of the specialist public health workforce and the continuing development of practitioner regulation and would urge anyone with an interest in Public Health to respond to the Review directly. For further information about UKPHR,