Wednesday 10 November 2010

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Focus on Defined Specialists

Thu, 08/26/2010 - 10:45

People who register via the defined route are public health specialists who have chosen to specialise more highly in a narrower area of public health practice at some stage during their career. However in order to register, defined specialists are required to show evidence of knowledge across the full breadth of public health to the same standard as generalists. Defined specialists will then elect to demonstrate up to date competencies in some particular areas of practice at a higher level than that required to be demonstrated by generalists, usually reflecting their highly specialised professional experience in service or academic environments.  

Although defined specialists have chosen this route to registration, it is important to recognise that UKPHR ensures that their level of registration is equal to that of generalists. Defined specialists are equally eligible to apply, and to be appointed to, public health consultant and director posts in the NHS, subject to the employer being satisfied that the applicant meets the requirements of the job specification, exactly as for any other post. Upon their registration with UKPHR, defined specialists are normally offered Fellowship of the Faculty of Public Health.

Since there is as yet no formal training programme for defined specialists, portfolio assessment remains the only route to registration as a defined specialist.