Monday 20 December 2010

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Professional Appraisal – implications for Multidisciplinary Public Health

Mon, 12/13/2010 - 12:19

The introduction of revalidation for doctors will come into effect from 2012. Although the detailed requirements are still to be announced, there is an expectation that every professional who expects to continue to practise will be required to produce evidence of annual professional appraisal.  This requirement will apply to public health specialists of all disciplines and professional backgrounds.

While professional appraisal has been mandatory for all NHS medical Consultants for several years it is not yet standard practice for public health consultants from other backgrounds, although participation in a management appraisal scheme is common. The formative and developmental aspects of professional appraisal may not form part of the management appraisal process. Yet this is important in the maintenance of professional competence.

We recommend that all public health specialists familiarise themselves with the expectations of professional appraisal. FPH will shortly be issuing more formal guidance on appraisal and will from next year be providing appraisal services. FPH’s full system pilot will include appraisal and if you would like an appraisal in 2011 you may wish to consider signing up for this trial. Please contact Currently, in some SHAs, Faculty Advisers or CPD coordinators have become regional leads for appraisal and may be able to offer advice or assistance.  If there is no regional coordination available, it is feasible for a group of consultants to form their own appraisal group as an interim step, until appropriate independent systems are in place.