David Kidney



David Kidney’s first career was a solicitor in private practice specialising in Magistrates Court advocacy, compensation claims arising out of accidents at work and representing children in public care proceedings. He was also an elected Councillor for 10 years during which time he chaired the council’s Housing Services Committee.


In 1997 he was elected to Parliament, the Labour MP for Stafford constituency, defeating David Cameron. In his 13 years as Stafford’s MP, David’s achievements included Private Member’s Bills on empty homes, food in schools and private sewers. He served Ministers in Environment, Transport and Work and Pensions as unpaid Ministerial aide (PPS), resigning a Defra PPS position when he voted against the Iraq War in 2003. David became a DECC Minister in June 2009 with responsibility for tackling fuel poverty, promoting energy consumers’ interests, the resilience of energy systems and green skills.


David was not re-elected in the 2010 General Election and began work as Head of Policy for the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health (CIEH). In the following 2 years David developed policy across a wide range of environmental health subjects including climate change, environmental protection, food safety, housing conditions, public health and workplace safety, health and wellbeing. He worked to support the successful establishment of England’s new public health service and to position Environmental Health Practitioners as important members of the new public health workforce.


In November 2012 David was seconded to the Better Regulation Delivery Office (BRDO) to work full-time on a project concerning regulators’ competence, professional bodies’ support for the competence approach and the peer support of practitioners in regulatory services, principally through the existing network of Topic Groups. The project resulted in David presenting BRDO with his recommendations for broadening support for a competence approach to regulatory excellence in environmental health, fire safety, licensing and trading standards.


David looks forward to meeting the new challenges his appointment as Chief Executive of the UK Public Health Register presents.