UKPHR has approved a CPD policy for practitioner registrants.


For those practitioners who are part-way through five years of registration, you will need to calculate the hours of CPD pro rata that you must carry out by the time of your first five-yearly re-registration. We will be contacting each practitioner registrant individually between now and 1st July about this.


The draft CPD scheme consultation was sent to all our registrants, assessors and other group members and all members of our Consultative Forum. We received a total of 23 responses, of which 7 were from organisations. All respondents welcome the introduction of a CPD scheme for practitioners and welcome also our consultation on the proposed scheme before it is introduced. Respondents made constructive suggestions for clarification, explanation and/or improvement.


The Registrar considered all the responses and as a result decided to make a small number of changes to the draft policy. The earlier draft of the proposed CPD policy contained some text which might be regarded as guidance. The responses received convinced the Registrar that there is a need to expand on the guidance but to draw a clear distinction between the requirements set out in the CPD policy and the guidance on how to comply. We are therefore producing a separate guidance document to be read alongside the CPD policy.


UKPHR thanks everyone who took part in the consultation on the new CPD policy for practitioners. Your constructive responses have helped improve the policy.



The new CPD policy for practitioner registrants will be implemented on 1st July.

CPD Policy

CPD scheme guidance

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