Saturday 13 November 2010

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Update on Revalidation

Tue, 07/07/2009 - 15:17

The UKPHR has begun to receive enquiries from registrants about the forthcoming arrangements for revalidation. Along with other health professional regulators, UKPHR is working with the UK Departments of Health and with other organisations, including FPH, that are responsible for setting professional standards, towards ensuring a robust and fair system of revalidation.

It seems likely at this stage that revalidation for medical practitioners registered with the General Medical Council, who the Departments of Health at present regard as the first health professional group to participate formally in revalidation, will commence in 2011.

UKPHR will need to ensure that revalidation for its registrants is compatible with the arrangements to be introduced for those public health specialists who are registered with the General Medical Council.

UKPHR will update its advice to registrants at the earliest opportunity and hopefully by the end of 2009. For now, however, all registrants are advised strongly to participate in a recognised scheme of Continuing Professional Development and to ensure they have an annual documented professional Appraisal and Personal Development Plan.

Also recommended is a personal system of capturing and storing evidence of professional competence, such as conference attendance and presentations, publications and feedback from others. For members of FPH, their recent publication, Revalidation and Public Health (June 2009), provides helpful advice.

Further relevant information:

Principles for Revalidation, Report of the Working Group for non-Medical Revalidation Dept of Health (England), November 2008,

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Click here for the previous UKPHR statement issued by the Board in November 2007 concerning revalidation.