Public health practitioners are key members of the public health workforce and can have a great influence on the health and wellbeing of individuals, groups, communities and populations. They work across the full breadth of public health from health improvement and health protection, to health information, community development, and nutrition, in a wide range of settings from the NHS and local government to the voluntary, and private sectors


The standards for practitioner registration were  developed  using  the Public Health Skills and Career Framework as the source document and also drawn from both the NHS Knowledge and Skills Framework and the National Occupational Standards for Public Health, and they are fully supported by the Faculty of Public Health. The standards are intended for individuals who are already working as public health professionals at Public Health Skills and Career Framework level 5 or above.


The UKPHR cannot accept direct applications from individuals wishing to apply for Practitioner registration. Individuals wishing to apply need to go through a quality assured local assessment scheme. After completion of assessment the application is referred to a regional verification panel who will then make recommendations on eligibility for practitioner registration direct to the UKPHR Registration Panel.



Currently, there are only nine such schemes in the UK and you need to work in the region the schemes cover in order to participate. The nine regions are:


Public Health Wales

Oxford Deanery

Wessex Deanery

Kent, Surrey & Sussex

West Midlands

West of England

West of Scotland

North Central and North East London

North East England


Scheme Coverage

Practitioner Scheme Geographical Coverage and Contact Details - click here


UKPHR Coverage

Practitioner Scheme Geographical Coverage Map


 Scheme Evaluation Reports


Wales Evaluation Reports
Public Health Wales Executive Summary
Public Health Wales Leaders Views
Public Health Wales Practitioners 2011


West Midlands Report

West Midlands Evaluation Report


Individuals can however get involved in setting up a scheme locally or regionally.  If you are interested in developing a scheme in your area please contact us.



Further information can also be found here:

Introduction to the Route to Registration for Public Health Practitioners

UKPHR Supporting Information   

Tools and Tips on Preparing a Portfolio



The UKPHR Framework and Guidance for Practitioner Registration has been updated. The standards have not changed, but the revised guidance provides clearer information about the requirements for registration. It also introduces an additional assessment outcome, "partial acceptance", for use by assessors in certain circumstances. The revised Guidance is operational with immediate effect, as it is consistent with the previous version. If applicants, assessors and/or verifiers have any queries or concerns regarding the revision, these should be directed to local scheme coordinators, who will bring these to the attention of the UKPHR moderation team.


 UKPHR Framework and Guidance