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Portfolio Development support

The four UK Departments of Health have invested resource into the support of public health professionals wanting to develop their portfolios for retrospective assessment by the UK Voluntary Register. This is a separate workstream to the Voluntary Register, although obviously related to it.

A virtual centre to provide advice to senior public health professionals, the public health Development Needs Assessment Centre (DNAC) is managed by the Public Health Resource Unit in Oxford.

DNAC also maintain an up to date list of contact details for each English region, for Scotland, N. Ireland and Wales, who can provide local advice and support.

For more information click on the web site link below:

Public Health Development Needs Assessment Centre (DNAC)

The Register is pleased to note that the Department of Health in England is funding support programmes for people preparing for registration as defined specialists.

A national process for application to this support has been established. Applications must be received by midday on the 11th August 2006. Programmes will be regionally based.

But please note - you do not have to be part of a support programme to apply for registration.

For information specific to this support programme please click on the link below.

Defined registration portfolio development support
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