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You are about to access details of public health specialists who held registration on 14/10/2008.

UKVR Registration Number

Help with searching

To find the public health specialist's record you want, you do not need to enter information in all sections.

A specialist's UKVR registration number is a unique identifier and will give an exact match even without a name. e.g. 1234567.

 Only use the surname or forename sections if you do not have the UKVR registration number.

You can apply a 'wild card' search by part of the name, i.e. 'Te' for 'Tess', 'Tessa', 'Tessie' etc.



Latest News

UK Public Health Register

As of 1 February 2008 the UK Voluntary Register for Public Health Specialists will be know as the UK Public Health Register.


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