Taking action to maintain standards

Regulation is about defining, sustaining and raising standards.  The UKPHR Board will occasionally receive information suggesting that a public health professional is not meeting the general professional expectations set out in ‘Good Public Health Practice’ because of:


  • their professional conduct
  • their performance
  • their state of health


The UKPHR Board will deal firmly and fairly with these cases.  It will consider every complaint thoroughly and take action when justified.  This could lead to advice, counselling or retraining, a reprimand or, if necessary, suspension from the Register or being struck off.


The UKPHR Board has a Fitness to Practise Committee which deals with all fitness to practice issues, whether related to professional conduct, health or performance.  The Board will approve the disciplinary procedures and any changes to them.  It will also approve the code of conduct against which any complaints will be judged.  The outcomes of cases handled by a disciplinary group will be reported to the UKPHR Board.  If it feels that adjustment to the procedures or the code of conduct is required in the light of developing case law, the Board can approve changes.


Whilst working within these policies and procedures set by the Board, in order to comply with the European Convention on Human Rights, the Fitness to Practise Committee must be independent of the Board in its handling of individual cases. The Chairman and individual members of the Investigation Committee, Disciplinary Tribunal and Appeal Panel will be selected for the hearing from a pool of lay and professional members maintained by the UKPHR for that purpose.  Its members will play no part in the other business of the UK Public Health Register.  The Register Manager will act as secretary to the Committee but play no part in its decisions.