Friday 31 December 2010

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Education and Training Committee

The membership of the Education and Training Committee is decided by the Board, and consists of  members of the Board itself and others co-opted from appropriate related organisations or individuals who have the appropriate experience required. The Committee is chaired by a member of the Board, nominated by the Chair of the Board. The Education and Training Committee has the following functions:

To identify, having taken appropriate advice, the criteria which denote competence to practise as a Public Health Specialist.

To propose, following consultation, any changes to the educational qualifications and training requirements which allow entry onto the UKPHR.

To keep under review, and propose changes to, the methods and processes which will enable the competence of applicants for registration to be reliably and accurately assessed.

To identify what registered Specialists will need to do in order to satisfy the Board that they remain competent when they apply for revalidation after the prescribed period, and to make recommendations to the Board on procedures to give effect to those requirements.

To decide on re-entry requirements for registrants who come off the Register (or the active part of the Register) for a period of time.