Friday 31 December 2010

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Fitness for Registration Committee

The membership of the Fitness to Practise Committee is determined by the Board. Its members are entirely independent of the Board and shall not sit on the Board or on any of its Committees. Appropriate legal advice will be retained in relation to these functions. Its functions are:
• To investigate and/or sift complaints of misconduct against a Public Health Specialist, addressed to the Board in writing by outside bodies or persons, or initiated by the Board itself. Any member of the Committee who is involved in the investigation of a complaint shall not sit on either the summary hearing panel or the disciplinary tribunal which deals with the complaint.
• Where any complaint has been made, to determine whether or not a prima facie case of misconduct has been disclosed and to deal with the matter in accordance with the rules set by the Board.
• To prefer charges of misconduct before the disciplinary tribunal and to be responsible for prosecuting any such charges before the disciplinary tribunal.
• To maintain a record of all complaints made against Public Health Specialists, and of the decisions in relation to such complaints made by the Committee, by summary hearing panels, or by disciplinary tribunals.
The Fitness to Practise Committee is currently being developed.